1. In the above post, it is said that these 5 reasons are good for dogs. Five Reasons Dogs are Good for Your Health. It seems to me that these 5 reasons are correct. Keeping my health healthy.

    1.Playing with a dog lowers your blood pressure.

    2. Having a dog helps manage your stress.

    3. Playing with a dog can improve bone strength.

    4. Having a dog is good for your heart.

    5. Playing with a dog can decrease your anxiety.

    This is great articles from this post.Thasns for sharing your post.

  2. Hi,

    Your post is a very useful post.There are few things that can compare to the unconditional love of a dog, but there are more reasons to love your dog than you probably thought. You might have noticed that you feel better around your dog. In addition to refocusing your attention, the loyalty and love from a dog has been shown to make owners feel better about themselves and make them feel more confident, lowering their anxiety.thanks for sharing your post.

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