Pet Safe Holiday Decorating

‘Tis the Season for extra Pet care to ensure a safe Holiday for your dogs and other pets. All the new goodies and holiday decorations around the house are interesting and tempting for our Cats and Dogs. Clumsy interactions with trees and ornaments are a steady source of entertainment everywhere, both live and virtual. Even if our pets are older, just like with people, the holidays bring out our inner child and our inner puppy! Think of your pets as little babies crawling on the floor on all fours! This time of year be mindful of what they can get into when you are distracted by company and good cheer.
In addition it is a good idea to have all of your emergency contact information handy, on the fridge or somewhere you can access phone numbers for your local emergency vet, Pet Poison Help line and other services. Here are a few links to 24 hour pet emergency care in Hendersonville, Flat Rock and Asheville. If you don’t know where your closest 24/7 emergency veterinary services are, call your vet and ask for their recommendation. Prepare this list before December 15, well in advance of the busiest shopping, cooking and party weeks so you can be relaxed and enjoy all the season has to offer. Knowing that you and your family and your pets are all safe is key your joy! Being prepared for accidents will give you extra peace of mind.
BONUS, there is a fun link in this article with cute holiday pet pictures….. Arf!
How to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree
Before you start taking out the decorations, take a few minutes to consider how their placement will affect your pets.

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