Dogs Are Good For Your Health!

No surprise, the holiday season has me too busy to write my own posts! Thankfully, Carolina Mountain Dog posted this great article by Ron Burg at Buckhead Paws in Atlanta. Enjoy, learn and be thankful for the sharing of wonderful information and good cheer about the tremendous value of our beloved dogs! Five Reasons Dogs are Good for … [Read more…]


Seems too soon to be December 4th and  left with less than one month to take care of the resolutions from last year! If one of your resolutions was to up your training game with your dogs, I have a secret to share! There is still time! In one month you can accomplish quite a bit of … [Read more…]

Pet Safe Holiday Decorating

‘Tis the Season for extra Pet care to ensure a safe Holiday for your dogs and other pets. All the new goodies and holiday decorations around the house are interesting and tempting for our Cats and Dogs. Clumsy interactions with trees and ornaments are a steady source of entertainment everywhere, both live and virtual. Even … [Read more…]